Security advice for protecting against rioting and looting

Posted: 12th August 2011

Over the last few days, many homes and businesses have been attacked and looted by gangs across the UK.  This growing unrest is a great concern to many people, as these riots seem to be spreading to all parts of the UK. Here are AMCO's top tips for the best ways to protect yourself and your property: - Shutter protection: protect your windows and doors with metal shutters.  This is especially important for shops with glass window frontages.   For houses, we'd recommend installing more attractive wooden shutters to the main windows at the front of the house.  These can be discreet and attractive looking if installed well. - Move and lock up valuables: shutters won't always keep looters out, so we'd recommend installing a safe and moving any particular valuables to the safe to be locked up. - Install a monitored alarm with *voice deterence*: of course, we'd also recommend installing an AMCO monitored alarm with *voice deterence* - meaning that when the alarm is activated it our monitoring team can actively listen and talk into the property warning off looters verbally. - Install monitored CCTV: monitored CCTV is a great way to provide evidence of the identities of looters, to ensure looters and burglars are brought to justice. For more information on how AMCO can help you increase your security, explore our website or drop us an email: