Security systems for Newsagents and Corner Shops - why monitored alarms are the best solution

Posted: 11th January 2012

We've been some analysis of our customer base of late, and have discovered we provide security to a fairly high percentage of newsagents and corner shops around the UK. The reason why AMCO's monitored alarms are chosen by so many newsagent and corner shop owners is that they provide 24/7 immediate response security for single manned shops. As many shops of this nature are only manned by a single person, the fact that AMCO's immediate audio-response monitoring gives immediate 24/7 cover is extremely reassuring for shop owners and their staff - as in any emergency scenario by pressing a panic button, we can immediately listen in and speak into the property. If you haven't seen one of our monitored alarms in action, check out this video which gives an overview of how our panic buttons work in an shop emergency scenario: For more information on our 24/7 immediate response monitored alarm systems, do look round our website here: