Two Men Arrested In Bookie Break In

Posted: 21st April 2016

On Tuesday 15th April, AMCO reacted to an alarm trigger at a well-known bookmakers in Slough. After detecting the intruders using our 2 way audio monitoring system, we immediately alerted the Police to the crime in progress and the boys in blue dashed to the scene where they apprehended the would be thieves.

The burglars, who had broken in through the fire door, had carelessly triggered an AMCO alarm and had no idea that every noise they made was being observed by one of our highly trained monitoring staff. The member of staff then directly challenged the crooks through the speaker/microphone system, asking them to identify themselves to us.

With no response from the miscreants the police were immediately called and arrived at the scene an exceptional 5 minutes later to catch the would be thieves red handed inside the shop. The two were arrested and are still in custody awaiting prosecution.

Thanks to the exceptional work of the AMCO monitoring staff and remarkable response time of the Police, nothing was damaged inside the property and the intruders would not be repeating their mistakes any time soon.

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By Andrew Canter