UK crime is on the increase

Posted: 4th February 2009

We, at the sharp end of crime prevention, know that crime has increased dramatically in the last three months. From our experience, I suspect that burglaries and armed robberies have probably more than doubled. We alarm and monitor many high risk properties as well as thousands of domestic properties. Both are being targetted by criminals.   For small cash taking High Street shops, armed robberies are a particular worry. The robbers' targets range from small fish & chip shops & the corner shop to large betting shops. We advise all vulnerable businesses to take as many precautions as possibly. Precautionery Warnings Stop Crime To help prevent these attacks, in addition to installing overt and covert CCTV systems, we have introduced a pre-warning "precautionery" monitoring service. This allows shop staff and domestic householders to press a "Panic" button even if they are just worried about someone on or approaching their premises.  Our controllers listen through the hidden microphones & challenge over the speakers in the normal way, but if given a particular code word they stay on-line listening and, in the case of monitored CCTV, watching for unlawful actions. In the event of such actions the Police are called immediately and the criminals warned off. Most would-be robbers leave when they realise that they are being monitored. Statistics! As a Mathematician, I was always taught that "there are lies, damned lies and Statistics".  I, therefore,  do not have much faith in statistics, especially Government statistics since they are generally produced to show how good the Government is, not what is happening in the real world.  However, the latest government statistics show a 4% rise in burglaries. Further analysis show that the number of burglaries in 2007 was half that at the end of the last recession in 1995.  This was obviously good news, but has left a lot of people becoming blasé about security.  Further research shows that burglaries increased by around 50,000 p.a. (Approx.140 per day) from the beginning of the last recession in 1992 to its end in 1995.  If history repeats itself then we are in for a tough time.  Whether you believe the statistics or not, the moral of them is "reduce your risk by improving your security, increasing your security awareness and becoming less blasé ."