Ultimate Alarm Project background

Posted: 29th November 2010

The Ultimate Alarm Project is an internet community project to set up by the Alarm Monitoring Company to design the Ultimate burglar alarm system. The basic idea of the project is to crowdsource ideas from the best geek / tech brains from across the net of how to mod / pimp up the AMCO monitored alarm to come up with the Ultimate burglar-beating system. To encourage the best ideas, Les Quigley (the founder and Chairman of the Alarm Monitoring Company) is offering to invest up to £1000 to turn the best ideas into reality. The first Ultimate Alarm idea created is the "VuVutech 5000" - designed by the AMCO team as the "most annoying alarm in the world", as it's made of x5 VuVuzellas and x5 airhorns attached to a telephone line - meaning that all 125 decibels of VuVuzella hell can be remotely activated via a remote monitoring station. The project is led (and presented) by James Knowles, a Security Consultant at the Alarm Monitoring Company's HQ in North Yorkshire. James explains the thinking behind the project "We always say to people that our AMCO monitored alarms are the best alarms in the world, however we thought we'd challenge the internet to come up with an even better burglar-beating system.  We really love the idea of seeing what ideas the internet can come up with - so set up the Ultimate Alarm Project as a challenge to bedroom geeks around the world to come up with the best burglar-busting ideas!" The Alarm Monitoring Company (AMCO) is a specialist security company specialising in monitored burglar alarms for home and business.  AMCO is headquartered in North Yorkshire, but operates nationally with alarm engineers based around the UK. For more information, please contact our team direct: Email: james.knowles@alarm-monitoring.co.uk Phone: 0845 833 8823

Photos and videos of the VuVutech 5000

Watch the video of the VuVutech 5000 in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SbOxwqbGEA Download a full-res version of the VuVutech 5000 video here (N.B. we're happy for anyone to download and use this video footage however they like: http://rubberblubber.net/AMCO/vuvu_h264.mov All photos are also license free, and can be used by whoever wherever they'd like.  Click on the Flickr stream to access the full-res versions of the photos.