What do I do if I've just been burgled?

Posted: 11th January 2010

It's a sad but true fact that customers mostly call us (the Alarm Monitoring company) when they've just been burgled.  It's a pretty unfortunate circumstance, however there are some basic things that need to be covered when you've been burgled.  Our top tips here are: - Call the Police straight-away.  Burglars might still be in the property, so call on a mobile. - Once the Police arrive, make a list of missing items - though DON'T touch anything, incase you rub off / add finger-prints to objects. - Once the Police have done their job, they'll give you a crime number - which you'll need to claim on your insurance. - Finally, we'd suggest you then go about securing your property again, and get a burglar alarm - hopefully one of our monitored alarms - which will ensure your house / property is safe and giving you 24/7 property security.