What to look for in a good burglar alarm system

Posted: 15th January 2010

When comparing burglar alarm systems - for home and business - it's important to make sure you're not comparing apples and oranges (so to speak!) - especially when you're making a monitored alarm system comparison. Key things we'd advise you look out for is: 1) Is the alarm system monitored? 2) Is the alarm monitoring "interactive" - "2-way" monitoring - or simple "call-back" monitoring? 3) How much is the alarm monitoring monthly fees? 4) How much are the call out costs? 5) Is the burglar alarm company reputable (and reliable!) Of course, you can always call our team if you need any further advice - as we can give you the full skinny on what's good and bad in the world of burglar alarms. To get a specific quote for your property, check out our automated quote generator by clicking here, or contact our team direct: Call 0845 833 8823 or Email info@alarm-monitoring.co.uk