Why cheap alarm monitoring and monitored alarms also mean reliable security

Posted: 10th September 2009

Following on from my earlier post about how the Alarm Monitoring company provides such cheap monitored alarms, I thought I'd expand on my thoughts - mainly to emphasise the fact that cheap can also mean reliable security. I think it's very important to understand the background to the Alarm Monitoring company to understand how we can achieve both low prices and reliability.  The Alarm Monitoring company was founded by Les Quigley - an ex-RAF pilot.  With his training in the RAF, Les learnt many lessons - but most importantly was the lesson of the 6 Ps "Planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance". And it's based around this thinking, that Les built an efficient company based around solid well planned processes aimed at eliminating waste but maintaining a reliable service.  After all, if you're a pilot in the RAF and don't plan your sortees correctly you could lose your life.  Fitting security systems isn't such a high-risk business, however passing over this solid management thinking has allowed Les to build a highly reliable and efficient alarm monitoring and security business.