Wired or Wireless - that is the alarming question?

Posted: 29th October 2010

To make life easier for themselves, it looks as though many alarm installers are moving away from installing the traditional hard wired systems and are concentrating on selling wireless systems. We first tested wireless systems some 15 years ago and continue trialing them throughout the late 1990's and early 21st century. We found that the early ones were a disaster in terms of false alarming and longevity. We had taken over many companies alarm systems as their customers realised how good our monitoring system was so moved their monitoring to us.  This included several different manufacturers wireless systems. All of the early ones have been removed because of the problems they caused. However, technology has improved and the latest wireless systems are now as reliable as wired systems. As a result, after over 2 years of field testing we too commenced offering them to customers this year. We now installing hundreds. However they still only represent 1/3 of our new installations since although they are much easier, cleaner and quicker to install, they do present the customer with a few long term problems. 1) The prime one is that, like all wireless devices, the batteries in the detectors and sensors do not last forever and have to be changed at regular intervals. 2) Secondly, based on past experience of all wireless devices, the life of the system is likely to be half that of a conventional hard wired system, and may be less if transmission frequencies and technology changes. So whilst they may present an attractive solution when buying your first alarm, if you already have a wired alarm that you think is getting past it's "sell by date" (normally around 15 years old) don't through it out, it probably only needs a new central processor (computer) and key pad and it will last another 15 years! If you want any more info to help you choose between a wired or wireless alarm, then get in contact info@alarm-monitoring.co.uk