Wireless Alarm Systems

Posted: 2nd October 2009

Wireless Alarm Systems For a number of reasons we do not supply or fit complete "wireless" alarm systems but do in rare circumstances where it is impossible to run and hide wires we will fit the odd remote wireless detector. WHY WE DON'T FIT WIRELESS SYSTEMS? The long term disadvantages  far outwiegh the very short term advantages - DISADVANTAGES

You are forever changing batteries - which is a daft idea unless you are thinking of moving! - An alarm system is like your properties electric fittings - it is part of your property.  You would not dream of having each of your lights operated by an individual battery that had to be changed at regular intervals. This is like  going back to pre-electricity days when you had to change your candles or top up your oil lamps!  DAFT!  So what is the sense of having several battery operated detectors and sensors fitted into your property that requires you to have to buy and regularly change batteries in each of the sensors. (Despite modern battery technology they rarely last as long as claimed!)

Wireless systems do have automatic warnings to let you know when a particular battery is about to die, however, this does depend on you being around to change it. If you are not, say you are on holiday, someone else has to or else the system goes pear shaped!

Our experience of many wireless systems is that they cause many problems with false alarming. The ether is ram jam full of electronic signals, of all types, so sooner or later one is going to match the wireless alarm signals and set off the alarm.



Quick and easy to fit - Ideal for DIY and makes the professional alarm installers job very easy and very profitable

For the one day in your life that the system is fitted there is less disturbance than fitting a permanent hard wired alarm system

Can be used were it is impossible to run and hide wires.