Story 1: How an AMCO alarm saved a Preston man's life

This is a really interesting personal story told by one of our customers about how their AMCO monitored alarm saved their life.  It's such a gripping and interesting story that we decided to make a video series of it based around a series of interviews we did with Mr A (which we'll call him for anonymity sake) at his home in Preston - which we saved from burning down whilst Mr. A was suffering from a hypo-glycemic attack (due to his diabetes).

And here's a quick video explanation of the details of how the smoke alarm function of AMCO's LiveTalk monitoring was triggered once Mr A's carpet had set on fire (Mr A still has the piece of carpet that was set alight!):

Story 2: How an AMCO alarm led to a Police arrest

This is a great little story about how an AMCO alarm led to the arrest of a burglar who had broken into a betting shop in Walsall (Midlands).  Due to the immediate audio-response monitoring, AMCO's monitoring station alerted the police immediately as the alarm was activated and the police responded within 5 minutes - leading to the arrest of the burglar and zero loss to the betting shop.

To get a sense as to how the police responded to the monitored burglar alarm, view the monitoring station report below - which show's how the police responded to the alarm within 5 minutes!

AMCO alarm activation report