Burglar alarms for elderly and retired people

As you become more elderly / old, you become more at risk from home emergency situations – whether that’s a burglary / break-in, personal attack, home fire or medical emergency.

An AMCO monitored alarm is the best alarm for elderly or retired people in the UK, as it provides protection in burglary, fire and medical emergency situations when at home.

The great thing about an AMCO monitored alarm is that it includes *immediate audio response*meaning that in an emergency scenario our monitoring team can immediately listen and talk into the property, allowing us to check what the situation is and call the emergency services if necessary.

Watch the following video for an introduction to how our LiveTalk monitored alarm system works . . .


The key special thing about an AMCO monitored alarm is the fact it comes with a speaker / microphone unit, which means that our monitoring station can immediately listen and talk into a property.  The speaker / microphone unit is usually positioned centrally in a house, for example in the hall, so that our monitoring station can easily listen throughout the whole house, and talk to check what the status of the emergency is.

Watch the following video to see how panic buttons work so effectively - especially mobile panic buttons for scenarios where you may suffer a fall.


The listening and talking bit of AMCO’s monitored alarms is the thing that saved the life of one of our customers – a Mr. A from Preston – a retired man who suffers from diabetes.  In Mr. A’s case, he arrived home and suffered from a hypo-glycemic attack whilst lighting a fire which rendered him unconscious and then led to his front-room rug catching fire.

Luckily Mr. A had an AMCO alarm with a smoke detector which was activated by the smoke from the rug.  Immediately our monitoring station could listen and talk into the property, identifying the fact that Mr. A was in a distressed situation, and then quickly calling the fire and ambulance services.

Thanks to the swift response of the Preston emergency services, Mr. A was saved!

You can watch this video interview with Mr A. below, explaining what happened with his diabetes related emergency scenario:


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