How to change the battery of an Infinite Prime alarm

The following are instructions on how to change the batteries in the sensors of your Infinite Prime alarm system.  N.B. before you start the change process you should buy replacement batteries from our SmartSecurity.Store online shop here >>

1) Locate the sensor with the low battery

2) Before you continue, a local tamper alarm will sound when you proceed to remove the sensor case in the following steps, be ready to disable your alarm using your code or fob

3) Insert a large flat head screwdriver into the lip around the sensor (Note: Do not insert it into the individual slot at the bottom)

4) Gently twist the screwdriver to pry open the case

Infinite alarm battery change

5) Once open, where the batteries are located, simply pull these out of the slot and replace with new Infinite batteries. You can use either 1, or double up for additional operation time by using 2

Infinite prime alarm battery

6) Replace the cover by slotting the top on first, then clipping in the bottom.

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