Beware of tricks of the trade

When choosing a security company you’ve got to be v.aware of the tricks that some of the big multi-national companies use.  Yes their websites and sales pitches are strong, however you need to understand what you’re getting signed up to - as there’s always a catch with the big guys.

We're different

AMCO are different.  We’re a nation-wide family-owned company that have an honest & straight-forward approach to security.

Fundamentally, we believe you should be able to trust your security company.


Honest pricing

Unlike a lot of our bigger national competitors we give straight-forward pricing.  We won’t suck you in with a super-low install price and then lock you in to lengthy expensive on going contracts.

Yes, our install price will be higher initially - however we guarantee you’ll save over a 3+ year time period.

No ‘lock in'

We also don’t try to unfairly ‘lock in’ our customers.  A classic ploy by our competitors (especially the US-owned companies) is that they either lock you in with a 3 year contract, or (possibly worse) they lock you in by selling you proprietary technology that is impossible to be managed / taken-over by another company.

This technology lock-in means that it’s hugely costly to move to another security provider as ultimately you need to buy a whole new alarm system again.

We don’t do this.  Instead we sell open technology that - in the case that you did fall out of love with us - you could easily change to another provider.

Family service with care

We’re a family-owned company, and put simply - we care.   If you have a problem, we’ll do our damnest to sort it for you.


Finally, we’re a company that doesn’t like to stand still, and are always looking to innovate to ensure we provide the best to our customers.

For example, one of our latest innovations is our LiveViz camera - a camera that gives you all the functionality of something like the Nest Cam or Ring Cam, but is an open product that can integrate into other ecosystems - like our  LiveTalk monitoring service.


The friendly & smart choice

Choosing AMCO will give you the confidence that your security is in the hands of a company with a long pedigree in security (we’ve been doing this for 25+ years) and one that cares.

We're also a friendly bunch.  Give our team a call on 0800 13 03 999 or email