Dual path audio alarm monitoring


  • DualCAud Listens
  • DualCAud Speaks
  • DualCAud uses dual communication paths
  • DualCAud monitors itself

If you have a property containing valuable goods that have a high risk of being stolen or destroyed you need high security. You can fit vast quantities of detectors, sensors and cameras to ensure that nothing untoward happens without being detected, however, unless a warning is generated, and someone takes immediate action to stop any unwelcome activities, you may as well not bother…

That is where AMCO’s DualCAud can help. DualCAud provides two audio communication paths to ensure that whatever or whoever is detected someone reacts immediately…

  • If an intruder is detected – they are warned that the police and security are on the way – and they are!
  • If someone is being attacked or threatened – they are warned off whilst the police are called!
  • If there is an accident or medical emergency – an ambulance is called!
  • If there is a fire – the fire service is called!
  • If there is an electrical failure – the duty manager is called!
  • If a telephone line fails – the duty manager is called!


Dualcaud always acts to stop a crisis becoming a disaster

How it works

How the Dualcaud system works

Dualcaud can be fitted to any existing quality alarm system.

For a quotation and free demonstration of the system in action call us

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Supply and installation of DualCAud with a single speaker microphone is £325*

Monitoring (including routine checks of the system) is £21.33*/month

*Excluding VAT which is added at the current rate