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External alarms & Perimeter Detection systems

  • AI-powered exterior alarm systems
  • High reliability & low false alarms
  • Create 'virtual tripwires'
  • 24/7 monitoring (optional)

Exterior alarm systems

Our external alarm systems provide perimeter detection using Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, meaning that we can accurately identify intruders outside your property.


AI CCTV-based perimeter detection system

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) CCTV technologies at the core of our exterior alarm systems, as AI CCTV has the sophistication to accurately identify human activity - minimising false alarms from animals and changes in weather (common issues with many exterior alarms).

Active deterrence - siren & lights

The first line of deterrence when the alarm is activated is a loud siren and flashing lights - to alert the intruder that they’ve been detected, and actively deter them.


Smartphone alerts & 'smart search

On detection, the system automatically sends a smartphone message alerting you of the system activation.  The message includes a video clip of the moment of activation, so you can see what / why the system activated.

Additionally, there’s ‘smart search’ functionality that allows you to quickly check back over history of any historic activations.

24/7 LiveTalk monitoring 

For added security, you can integrate AMCO’s LiveTalk monitoring service meaning you have our monitoring staff on hand to check and verify any activations, along with the ability to talk (via a loud speaker system) to warn off any intruders - and call the police if necessary.

Speak to our team

If you're interested in an external alarm for your business or home, get in touch with our team 01347 822111 or email sales@amco999.com