Get your AMCO friends & family discount

Over the years, we're proud to say that AMCO have stopped 1000’s of burglaries and saved countless lives in fire and medical emergencies with our specialist alarm systems.   As someone connected to AMCO, either via a customer or via one of our team, we want to offer the chance for you to get a special discount of between £50 and £150 as a new customer.


Add AMCO monitoring to an existing alarm or buy a new system

If you already have an alarm, you can easily add AMCO’s special monitoring service to your existing system, or if you don’t then we can install a complete security system (alarm and/or CCTV) for you.

Watch the following video to get an idea of how our specialist monitored alarm systems work in practice

How we saved a man’s life in Preston

It’s a humbling experience to save a life, but AMCO has saves countless lives every year - by identifying emergency situations and calling in the emergency services at the critical moment.

Watch the following video of one of our customers, Mr A from Preston, describe how his AMCO alarm saved his life after he had a diabetes-linked medical emergency that resulted in his house burning down.


You can read more about Mr A's story here, and watch a video showing how the rug in his living room caught fire, and set-off his AMCO alarm (resulting in us call the fire brigade and saving his life). Read more of the story here >>


Stop burglars, and prevent fire and medical emergencies too

It’s important to remember that with an AMCO monitored security systems, you’re not just getting a burglar alarm - but a complete security system designed to help in any number of emergency situations, including fire, personal attack and medical situations (like in Mr A’s situation).

And AMCO systems aren’t expensive either.  Standard monitoring installation costs from £199 and monthly monitoring costs are £18.99.


Interested?  Get a quote your discount from AMCO here by calling or emailing us, and quote ‘FRIENDS & FAMILY DISCOUNT’.  0800 13 03 999 /


Terms and conditions

The friends and family discount only applies to the ‘installation cost’ and not the monthly monitoring fees.  The variation in discount (from £50 to £150) depends on various factors including your geographic location, levels of demand in your area and installation timing flexibility.