UK Hikvision CCTV equipment installer

AMCO have great experience installing Hikvision CCTV systems, with a strong knowledge of both Hikvision hardware and software.

AMCO operate across the whole of the UK - with Hikvision installation engineers located in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.  AMCO can either fix your existing Hikvision CCTV system or install a new Hikvision system.

If you want to get in touch, we can give you a quotation for your CCTV install in less than 10 minutes via the telephone.  Get in touch either via email or on the phone 0800 13 03 999.

Why Hikvision is the best

Hikvision is recognised as the world leader in CCTV equipment manufacturing, both from a CCTV hardware and software perspective.  A bit like Apple, the best performing CCTV electronics is always a mix of both great hardware and great software - nicely integrated.  Hikvision does exactly this.

It’s because of the sophistication of Hikvision’s CCTV software that you need to pick a Hikvision CCTV installation company who are experienced - as otherwise you may well get well-installed hardware (i.e. cameras and DVR), however the DVR software settings may not be set-up 

Need your Hikvision CCTV fixing / upgrading?

If you’ve already got a Hikvision CCTV system installed and need it fixing / upgrading, you can also get in touch with AMCO - as we’re experienced at fixing existing systems.

Hikvision equipment AMCO can help fix include CCTV cameras and Hikvision DVR trouble-shooting.

Hikvision CCTV camera fix service

AMCO can help fix / replace existing Hikvision CCTV cameras if they’re broken / not working properly.

Hikvision DVR fault-finding / replacement service

If your DVR isn’t set up correctly / not working properly we can run diagnostics to work out the problem - and replace it if needs be.

Speak to our team!

If you want a new Hikvision CCTV system installed, or want to upgrade an existing system - get in touch with AMCO.  Call 0800 13 03 999 or email