Home security improvement ideas

Beyond an alarm system, there are many other ways to increase the security of your property.  The following is a quick guide to 5 different security ideas:
- Monitored smoke detectors

- Security cameras

- Door entry systems / smart doorbells

- Emergency / panic button

- Safes & locks

Monitored smoke detectors (24/7 fire protection)

Connecting your existing smoke detectors to your AMCO alarm monitoring is a low-cost but highly effective way of giving you 24/7 fire protection.  Learn more about monitored smoke detectors here >>

Security cameras

Security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your property (inside and out).  Wifi camera systems start from £69 and CCTV from £750.  Read our Security Camera guide here >>

Door entry systems & Smart Doorbells

Up the security around your front door by adding a professionally installed door intercom system or a self-install Smart Doorbell.  Get some door entry ideas here >>

Emergency / panic button

Adding an emergency panic button (either static or mobile) gives you the peace of mind that you have AMCO’s monitoring team with you at the press of a button.  Read our Emergency response button guide here >>

Safes & locks

Installing a safe in a discrete location is a simple and low-cost way of making sure your most precious items are quite literally safe.  See different options here >>