How LiveTalk works from a practical perspective

LiveTalk works differently to most burglar alarm systems; here’s a step-by-step overview of what happens when the system is activated:

1) Once an alarm sensor is activated, the LiveTalk communicator dials our monitoring station (via telephone line or GSM / mobile network)

2) AMCO’s monitoring station connects to your system enabling our monitoring staff to first listen into the property to check what is happening

3) After listening and checking, we will then ‘verbally challenge’ via the speaker unit along the lines of ‘Intruder detected, please identify yourself’. (N.B. this challenge is LOUD)

4) If it’s a false alarm, you give your ‘SAFE’ password so we know you are who you say you are.  You can also give a ‘DURESS’ password which communicates to our team that there is a problem (e.g. you’re under duress).

5) If the SAFE password is not given, and there is an un-identified person on site we will then alert the emergency services and communicate into the property that the Police have been alerted.

6) We will also call key holders to inform them of the activation.


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