How to change the batteries in a Texecom Premier alarm 

The following is a guide to how to change the batteries in your Texecom Premier alarm system.  Please note your Texecom Premier alarm will have 1 or 2 types of battery to change depending on whether your system is wired or wireless:

1) Wired Premier alarm: this only has a back-up battery to change in the main alarm panel

2) Wireless Premier alarm: this will have both a back-up battery to change and also wireless sensor batteries to change.

N.B. you can buy both types of battery from our online shop SmartSecurity.Store - via the following links: 

Texecom Premier back-up battery


Texecom Premier wireless sensor battery

Guide to changing your Premier wireless sensor batteries

1) Locate the sensor with the low battery

2) Before you continue, a local tamper alarm will sound when you proceed to remove the sensor case in the following steps, be ready to disable your alarm using your code or fob

3) Remove the screw in the bottom of the sensor

Texecom Premier battery change

4) Pry open the case from the bottom

5) Once open, where the battery is located, simply pull it out of the slot and replace with a new Texecom Premier battery.

Texecom Premier alarm battery

6) Replace the cover by slotting the top on first upwards, then clipping in the bottom.

7) Screw the screw back in

Texecom Premier wireless sensor battery

Changing the battery in your Premier panel 

Beyond batteries in your sensors, your Premier alarm also has a battery in the main control panel.  This is a much bigger and more significant battery than the sensor batteries and is there as a back-up battery in case you have a power cut.

There are 3 options to choose from for your Premier alarm panel battery the 2.1ah, 3.4ah and 7ah battery.  All are 12V and all will work in your panel and are interchangeable, the only difference is physical size.

Premier alarm battery guide

If you don't know how much space is in your Premier alarm, then we'd recommend choosing the 3.4ah alarm battery (as a safe bet - which will definitely fit in your alarm and work). BUY 3.4ah BATTERY HERE >>

N.B. we recommend you buy batteries from SmartSecurity.Store - our sister company - these come with a 12 month guarantee and are GENUINE alarm batteries (not fakes).

Need help?

If you're also looking to change the battery in your alarm panel, we run a low-cost service, where we provide a battery and call out visit to your property to help change your alarm battery on your Texecom Premier panel.

Watch a video of our battery changing service

The following video gives an overview of AMCO's alarm battery changeing service, which includes a system maintenance check - to make sure your system is fully operational.