How to test your alarm system: a guide to testing your home security system

A basic test of your alarm system is simple and can be done in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: set your alarm

Set your alarm as if you were going out as normal i.e. press FULL or enter your 4 digit passcode, and then open and close your main ‘entry exit door’.  The only difference is that instead of exiting the property you should stay inside the property. 

Step 2: activate your alarm as if you were a burglar

Once the system is set you should then walk into one of the rooms with a sensor in it, making sure the sensor detects you.  This should (if the alarm is working properly) then set the alarm off. 

Step 3: wait for to hear the voice from the AMCO monitoring service

If the alarm is working, once the sensor has detected you within 30 to 60 seconds you should hear a voice of AMCO’s monitored centre come over the speaker/microphone located in your house, challenging you and asking for your password.

The controller in the monitoring centre should say something like ‘You are under surveillance, please identify yourself’.  The following video demonstration gives a good sense of what should happen when you activate your alarm . . .

What to do if the system is not working?

If your alarm system doesn’t respond when you test it, you should email or call our team /  0800 13 03 999 to arrange for an engineer to visit and fix your system.  N.B. this is a paid-for-service.