Amco Alarm Monitoring systems

AMCO monitored alarms are different to others and do exactly that – AMCO provides real security with immediate live response

2 way audio alarm monitoring costs just £14.99 per month (ex VAT with single speaker & microphone)

Statistics show that AMCO monitored alarms are far better than most –

they prevent burglaries, save you money and have far less false alarms

Compare systems, prices and statistics…


Comparing Systems

AMCO alarm diagram

In 20 years not a single intruder has waited for the police…
they’re on the run in less than a minute!

Police Car


What happens when standard “call-back”systems are activated

call back

Burglar detected as he breaks in

System dials monitoring station

Received 20 secs after activation

Monitoring station telephones property *

30 secs later

Burglar ignores phone ringing *

30 secs later

Burglar leaves with swag!

3-4 mins later

* If no reply – a keyholder is telephoned – 1 to 3 minutes later. (With autodiallers the call goes directly to a keyholder)

* If police response has been paid for, after two signals (2-3 minutes after activation) the police are called.

Compare Prices & Value

£99 System Action: Telephones you to tell you that your alarm has gone off


Cost over 3 years: £332.88 per year
Over 5 years : £319.68 per year
£599 Police Response System
(NSI & SSAIB approved systems)
Action: After 2 activations (2-3 minutes) telephones the Police


Cost over 3 years: £559.55 per year
Over 5 years : £479.68 per year
AMCO 2 way audio System Action: Frightens away Burglars & calls Police (Less than 1 minute)


Cost over 3 years: £398.15 per year
Over 5 years: £319.48 per year

Comparing Alarm Statistics

Source Burglaries with loss per 1,1000 population Burglary Personal Attack Arrests following personal attack
False Alarms #3 Genuine Alarms False Alarms Genuine Alarms
Police #1 10.0 93.3% #4 6.7% #4 49.5% #4 51.5% #4 7.9% #5
AMCO 0.4 #2 18.2% 49.4% 0.5% 99.5% 14.2%

#1 – Based on FOI information from the 4 largest UK police forces covering over 15.7 million people
#2 – AMCO losses are all “smash & grab” incidents where losses were minimised by the high speed response
#3 – These are false alarms that generated a police emergency response either through the paid URN or free 999 system
In addition AMCO generated a further 32.5% non urgent false alarms where the police were requested on the AMCO philosophy of “If in doubt give a shout – don’t mess about!”
#4 – These figures are based on NSI & SSAIB approved alarm only
#5 – Only West Midlands Police reported number of arrests


For details on how the AMCO system looks after you when you are alone – click here


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