Learn about Security Innovation

AMCO have always been innovators in security technologies - having been the first company to launch ‘interactive monitoring’, which we later branded as LiveTalk monitoring.

The most important innovation in security in recent times is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and specifically the use of AI in CCTV. 



Adding AI to CCTV is a game-changer, as it turns ‘dumb images’ into ‘smart images’.  With today’s AI it’s possible for the the technology to understand what’s happening in the image, and create ‘rule-based actions’, for example creating alerts when an unauthorised person is spotted outside your property.

How AI CCTV can help you

AI CCTV can be used to solve various used in a variety of ways, for example:

> Perimeter detection: identify & set alerts when unauthorised people are outside your property

>  Anti-social behaviour detection: set alerts & deter anti-social behaviour (e.g. youths gathering / graffiti / dog fauling) outside your property

> Location management / Access Control: use facial recognition to allow specific authorised people to enter your property

> Car parking detection: set alerts & active warnings to people who block your driveway / garage

> People counting / density management: count how many people enter your property, set alerts when limits are reached

> Covid Thermal screening: use thermal cameras to detect people with elevated temperatures - a key symptom of Covid-19

Watch this case study video of AMCO’s innovative use of Thermal Imaging cameras to help get businesses back up and running . . .


App Control & Smart Alarms

Adding smartphone app control to your alarm enables you to control & monitor your alarm system whenever / wherever you are.  Depending on your existing alarm system, smart functionality can be added on top of your existing system - or if too old, a replacement alarm panel would be required (i.e. replacing the alarm brain but keeping all your existing sensors).

Integrated systems - external & internal alarm

Connecting both your alarm system to your CCTV system can give you super ‘smart’ security.  For example, if you connected your external AI-powered CCTV cameras to your alarm system - along with LiveTalk monitoring - this would give you a powerful external alarm system.

Low-cost innovation - LiveViz

Innovation doesn’t have to cost the earth.  One of our most popular innovations from the last 12 months are our LiveViz cameras - smart cameras, that allow you to remotely check on your property via an app.


LiveViz cameras use an open technology which means that we can also connect the cameras to our LiveTalk monitoring service - giving our monitoring team both eyes and ears into your property.

Learn more & speak to our team

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