AMCO LiveTalkAMCO LiveTalkAMCO LiveTalkAMCO LiveTalk
  • The most advanced alarm monitoring system on the market
  • Designed for shop, pub & restaurant lone worker scenarios
  • Save £1000’s per shop a year & give your staff the best protection
  • Quick & low-cost to install

LiveTalk Lone Worker Emergency Response

LiveTalk Lone Worker is ideal for use in shops, pubs and restaurants - any environment where there’s a lone worker situation and a safety risk to an individual worker.

At the core of LiveTalk is a speaker microphone device which connects directly to our monitoring station - allowing us to immediately listen and speak into your business in an emergency situation - calling the police, ambulance or fire service where necessary. High-street names we already work with:

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Nationwide Bookmaker

City-based lunch restaurant

Take-away chain

With you 24/7 in case of an emergency

LiveTalk means that our monitoring team are with your staff 24/7, and able to immediately verify and react to any emergency situation, including intruders, fire, personal attack and medical.




Personal Attack

Save £1000’s a year per shop

You can save £1000’s per year using the LiveTalk LoneWorker, as instead of having to pay multiple staff at low-traffic times you can save on manpower costs and use our technology to provide lone worker protection / back-up. Example costs are as follows:

  • Installation: An average high-street shop installation is £250 to £400 (inc VAT)
  • Monthly 24/7 monitoring: £18.99 (inc VAT)
  • Example year 1 cost: c.£450 to £600
  • Example year 2+ cost: c.£230 a year

Considering the scenario of being able to employ a single member of staff for certain times of the day e.g. early morning / late, a business may save x4 hours of staff wages a day (e.g. £40+ a day). With these cost savings, you’d make the money back on your LiveTalk system install and monitoring within a quarter (3 months) and increase profitability thereafter.

Different panic buttons for different scenarios

LiveTalk Lone Worker connects our 2-way audio LiveTalk monitoring technology to a variety of different panic buttons, meaning that if a member of staff is faced with an emergency situation they are immediately connected to our 24/7 monitoring station - who can provide assistance / call the relevant emergency service.

  • Fixed
  • Remote
  • App (for use outside of premises)

Connect to CCTV for visual monitoring

For additional security you can connect cameras to LiveTalk monitoring, providing you with remote visual monitoring of your business. CCTV monitoring can be done by both AMCO’s monitoring staff and also by you (the business owner) via remote app access - meaning you can check into and view your business remotely whenever you like.

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LiveTalk tech specs

LiveTalk speaker / microphone

  • Height / Width / Depth: 187mm x 123mm x 43mm
  • Colour: white only
  • Number of speaker / mics on 1 system: unlimited (in blocks of 4)
  • Activity Indicator: red LED

LiveTalk digicom

  • 4 channel (intruder, fire, panic attack, medical) digital communicator
  • Fixed terminal (IP option available soon)
  • Optional GSM back-up
  • Installed in alarm panel (works with most current alarm systems)