Monitored smoke detector guide

Smoke detectors are very effective if you are in your property, as the detector will sound a noisy alarm.  However, if you are not in the property the smoke detector is 100% redundant at preventing the spread of fire - as there’s no one there to react to the alarm.

One simple / low-cost solution is to connect your smoke detector to your existing AMCO alarm monitoring system.

Monitored smoke detector

By connecting your smoke detector to your AMCO LiveTalk monitoring system means that you add 24/7 fire detection to your alarm - giving you peace of mind that if a fire breaks out in your house you have someone there 24/7 to react to fire situation and call the fire brigade.

Real-life proof 

AMCO saves monitored smoke systems save lives across the UK everyday.  Watch this video of how our monitoring system saved a customer’s life when he went unconscious and knocked over an electric fire - setting alight his living room rug. 

 AMCO’s monitoring team immediately reacted, called the fire brigade and saved the man’s life . . .

Get your smoke alarm monitored 

Contact the AMCO Security team to arrange for your smoke detector to be connected to your LiveTalk alarm monitoring system, and get 24/7 fire protection.  Call us on 0800 13 03 999