Premier alarm programming options

The Premier alarm system installed by AMCO is a highly sophisticated alarm system, giving you a robust but future-proof system.

As part of the installation process, you need to decide how you want your system programmed, whether you just require *standard* programming (which covers 80% of scenarios) or whether you want something more *advanced*.  N.B. advanced programming is an additional cost, linked to the extra programming time required.


  • - Full set: sets all sensors in property

  • - Part set 1 - night set: only setting sensors downstairs, not upstairs

  • - Code x1: single code for setting / unsetting alarm

  • - Chime function: option for ‘chime sounder’ when door opens

  • - Single area: all sensors in property counted as ‘1 area'


  • - Part set 2 – garage only for instance

  • - Part set 3 – perimeter protection only whilst moving round property.

  • - Multiple codes (up to 3) inc with zone limitation (e.g. cleaner with only access to certain rooms)


  • - Multiple areas (more than 2)

  • - Additional codes (more than 3)

  • - Time limited access e.g. limit access for a member of staff to access the property between the times of 9 to 5

  • - 24hr zones e.g. always armed contacts connected to a valuable painting

  • - Additional Digicoms and speaker /mics to monitor specific areas independently

  • - 3rd party system integration e.g. connect alarm to entry systems to allow access into a counter by entering a code into keypad just outside

  • - Activity zones to monitor specific rooms/parts of property and make sure that movement has happened in these parts in last X amount of time when setting the alarm.

N.B. the specifics around exactly how many areas and user codes you can have on your panel depends on the 'version' of your Premier.  For example, the Premier 24 can have 2 areas and 25 user codes whereas the Premier 48 has upto 3 areas and 50 user codes.

Example uses for part sets, areas & codes

> Night set

Part set alarm for use at night, only arming sensors downstairs, allowing full use of property upstairs but protecting downstairs.  Good for regularly setting alarm at night.

> Perimeter set

Part set alarm so that only sensors on doors / windows are armed - so that the owner can walk around the property internally, but have key entry / exit points armed.  Good for vulnerable people alone at home in evening.

> Delivery driver set

Specific user-code that part sets alarm so that alarm is unset in a single room (e.g. utility room), giving access to room by a 3rd party (e.g. a delivery driver) but arming all other areas of the property.

> Cleaner set

Specific user-code that part sets alarm to give access to *most* parts of the house, but arms specific high-security / private areas e.g. owner’s study and bedroom.  Additional option to put ‘time-specific access’ limits on the user-code, so that the user-code can only be used at certain times of the day e.g. between 9am to 5pm.

> Workman set

Similar to cleaner code, but provides access to different parts of the house (e.g. ground level access only, forbidding access to the 1st floor bedrooms).

> Dog at home set

Part set alarm so that certain areas on omitted where you dog has access.

> Garage only set

Garage set-up as a specific ‘area’ meaning that the user can unset the alarm in the main property but keep the alarm in the garage armed.  Good for larger properties which have separate out-buildings (e.g. a garage) which have high-value items stored.

> High value property set

24 hour zone function set on specific sensors  meaning that they’re armed 24/7 (even when you’ve unset the alarm) e.g. adding micro-contacts to high-value paintings, so if they’re removed from the wall, the alarm will activate.

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