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The 'Premier'. AMCO's premium wireless monitored alarm.

  • Customisable design
  • Cutting edge 'Ricochet' technology
  • 'LiveTalk' 24/7 monitoring integrated

Premium security system - custom-designed for you

The Premier is AMCO's premium 'hybrid' alarm system, with options for both wireless and wired sensors - giving you the flexibility you need in an alarm system.


Premier Keypads

The Premier Elite comes with an LCD keypad as standard.  This can be wired or wireless.  There is also the option to have ‘flush-mounted’ keypads, which come in various finishes, including: diamond black, brass, satin chrome and pearl white.  View the full Texecom Keypad range here >>

Premier Elite keypad

Premier Sensors

The Premier Elite can work with both wired and wireless sensors.  The wired sensors are similar to the Veritas sensors (see above).  Additional specific wireless sensors are shown below, and include:

- PIR / MIR: wireless versions of both PIRs and MIRs are available, both use Ricochet technology.

- Micro contact: these are discrete / small wireless contacts.  Available in white, brown and dark grey.

- Proxy Tag: near-field tags which allow you to turn on and off your alarm with a simple swipe.  Proxy tags come in boxes of 5.

Premier Elite sensor options

Premier Additional features

In addition to the core sensors above, the Premier Elite also comes with additional features giving you the ability to turn your alarm into a ‘smart alarm system’ and also allowing you to expand your system further (adding both wired and wireless sensors).

- Smart key: a compact all-in-one-device that lets you set and unset your alarm, and also acts as a panic button.

- SmartCom: a plug-in that turns your alarm into ‘smart alarm’ allowing you to control it via a smartphone device.  Read more about the Connect App in our guide here >>

- Smart plug: smart plugs allow you to connect additional devices (e.g. lights) to your alarm system, creating an integrated smart home system.

- Wireless expander: wireless expanders (using Ricochet technology) allow you to add additional wireless sensors to your system, giving you the flexibility to easily expand your alarm system in the future.

Premier elite wireless accessories