How to reconnect your AMCO alarm to our monitoring service

AMCO’s monitored alarms are the best-in-class on the market, however if they’re disconnected from the AMCO monitoring service they’re made 100% ineffective, so it’s important that you reconnect your alarm.


How to reconnect

The first step to the reconnection process is to phone the AMCO tech support team, so that they can analyse the best way to reconnect you.  You can reach them on: 01347 822111


Reconnection options

In the majority of cases, reconnecting your alarm is simply a case of remotely reactivating your monitoring - which we can do FREE of charge.  However, it may be the case that your system has been physically disconnected in your property, which would mean sending an AMCO engineer out to your property to re-connect the system.  This is a paid service, and depends on the amount of work required (which our team can advise on).


How your system should work

If you’ve never seen your AMCO alarm work properly, watch the video below to get a sense of what happens when the alarm is activated (i.e. you should hear a voice challenge you over the speaker/microphone in your property)


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