How to upgrade your burglar alarm to a 'Smart alarm'

If you’ve got an existing AMCO alarm, you can upgrade it in various ways, including adding ‘smart alarm’ functionality - along with adding monitored LiveViz security cameras.  Watch this summary videos of different options, and read details below for upgrading different alarm types including: Infinite, Premier and Veritas (the main alarm systems that AMCO have installed over the last 20 years).


As you’ll see there are numerous ways you can upgrade your system, so give our team a call to chat through the options. 0800 13 03 999 /

Infinite smart upgrade

If you’ve got an Infinite wireless alarm, you can easily upgrade to our new Compact smart alarm system.  All sensors on the Infinite are compatible with the Compact, so the main thing that needs changing is the alarm panel.


Premier smart upgrade

The good thing about the Texecom Premier alarm system is that it’s ‘modular’, meaning that to upgrade to a smart alarm simply involves adding a ‘smartcom’ module.  Watch more about the Premier & Smart functionality here.


Veritas smart upgrade

The main current way to upgrade a Texecom Veritas alarm, is to upgrade it to the Premier alarm (as above) with smartcom module.  All Texecom sensors are cross-compatible, so the main technical change required is to swap out main control panel and keypad.  Contact our team for more information.

Give us a call

To learn more about upgrading your alarm system and the various options, drop our team a call / email: 0800 13 03 999 /