Standing order instructions

The following are the instructions of how to set-up a standing order to pay for your ongoing AMCO security monitoring service.

The first thing to do is to choose method of setting up standing order: online or via a printed form.  We’d recommend setting up online, as it’s the easiest process.

How to set up a standing order online

1) Log-on to your online banking, and select the ‘Payments or transfers’ section (or similar)

2) Select ‘Standing orders’ option

3) Enter the following details:

- Destination sort code: 402002

- Destination account number: 31082809

- Destination name: AMCO Security Limited

- Payment reference: Use your surname (or company name) + postcode

- Enter amount: Enter quarterly amount stated in your quotation.  Please check with us if unsure.

- Start date: Enter the date 3 months after the date of your install' (as you pay the first quarter monitoring upfront)

- Payment frequency: quarterly [unless agreed with us otherwise]

- End date: select ‘until further notice’

4) Finally, if you could take a screen-shot of the filled in details and then forward to ‘’ so we have confirmation that this is all set-up.

Example of online banking Standing Order form (from FirstDirect)