Texecom alarm installer & repair service

If you’re looking for an alarm installation company to install, fix or do the maintenance on your Texecom alarm then AMCO Security are one of the best - operating across the UK, with Texecom installation engineers around London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.

Because of our experience, we do 99% of our quotations on the phone in less than 10 mins, so give us a call now ;-)

Texecom are the UK’s leading manufacturer of intruder alarm devices.  Owned by FTSE 100 company Halma, Texecom’s two main products are the Veritas series (a wired alarm system) and the Premier series (a hybrid, wired and wireless system).

Texecom alarm systems are the best on the market, but they can be complex to deal with - especially the Premier range - so it's important to work with an experienced company like AMCO (we've been installing Texecom for over 20 years).

Why Texecom are the best?

So, why do we say Texecom are the best security manufacturer in the UK?  Quite simply because they’ve invested the most in technology development & innovation, and therefore have the best alarm technology in the market.

Texecom have demonstrated that their innovation and dedication to R&D repeatedly with development of market leading products like the Connect SmartCom (which is the foundation of their  Smart Home product), Ricochet Wireless technology (market-leading wireless technology) and micro-contact technology.

Already got a Texecom alarm?  Get it maintained / checked

If you've already got a Texecom alarm (e.g. a Veritas or Premier alarm) we offer an on-site alarm maintenance service, where we send one of our engineers to your property to give it a thorough check.  Book your alarm maintenance service here >>

Want to learn more? Watch our Texecom support service video


Texecom Veritas: wired alarm system installation & maintenance

The Veritas is Texecom’s wired alarm system series.  At the heart of the Veritas is the R8 panel - a panel with 8 zones and a remote keypad.

AMCO are the perfect company to install a Veritas alarm system; or if you’ve got an existing Veritas alarm that needs maintenance / repair, give AMCO a call: 0800 13 03 999 or email techsales@amco999.com

Texecom Premier: wireless alarm installation

The Premier Elite is Texecom’s flagship wireless alarm system, based around Texecom’s proprietary Ricochet technology.  Ricochet is a special technology that enhances the reliability and scaleability of wireless alarms - via in-built Mesh technology.

Premier Elite alarms tend to be highly complicated, so requires experienced alarm engineers to work on them.

AMCO are experienced at all types of Premier alarm system, so are the best company to install a Texecom Premier alarm, or to maintain or repair a system.  Give AMCO a call on : 0800 13 03 999 or email techsales@amco999.com


Best Texecom installer

Of course we’re biased, but we’d say that AMCO Security is the best Texecom alarm installer, as AMCO have been working with Texecom for 20+ years and have alarm installers across the UK (nationwide) meaning that we can help fix your alarm wherever you are.  

AMCO have Texecom alarm installers in all major regions of the UK, doing Texecom alarm installation in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.

Upgrade your Texecom alarm

If you've already got a Texecom alarm installed, but want to upgrade / improve your old system then we provide a Texecom uprgade service.   You can easily upgrade your Texecom alarm to include functions such as smartphone functionality or add wireless sensor functionality.  Watch this video to get a sense of the different options available . . .


Texecom alarm repair / maintenance company

If you’re looking for a company to repair / fix your Texecom alarm (Veritas or Premier), or if you’d like a maintenance visit to check your Texecom alarm then AMCO is also good option.  Arguably, when it comes to fixing an alarm you really do need the experience - which again is why AMCO is the best company to repair your alarm.

Call us, and we'll give you a quick quote

We do the majority of our quotations on the phone, normally in 10 minutes or less. Give us a call to get costs and details of how we can help you with your Texecom alarm system. Call 0800 13 03 999 or email us techsales@amco999.com