Texecom alarm keypads

Texecom are the UK's leading manufacturer of alarm equipment, and have become so popular partly because of the level of customisable options they provide.

The following is an overview of the different alarm keypads Texecom provide - both Texecom Premier keypads and Texecom Veritas keypads.

Texecom Premier keypad options

The Premier Elite is Texecom's most advanced alarm system, and also comes with the most customisable keypads - both surface-mounted and flush options, along with wired or wireless alarm keypad versions too.

Texecom Premier surface-mounted keypad designs

The standard keypad that comes with the Texecom Premier Elite alarm system is a surface-mounted keypad, designed in white polymer with a lid - that opens / closes to show / hide the keys of the keypad.  The design of this keypad is fairly discrete and comes with a backlit blue screen.

This white surface-mounted keypad comes in both wired and wireless versions.

White Polymer Texecom keypad design

Texecom Premier flush-mounted keypad designs

There are 5 different keypad designs for the Texecom Premier Elite series.  All of these keypads are 'wired' only.  Texecom don't do a wireless flush-mounted version.  The colour options are as follows:

Diamond black

Diamond Black Texecom alarm keypad


Gunmetal Texecom keypad

Satin Chrome

Satin Chrome Texecom keypad

Polished Chrome

Polished Chrome Texecom keypad

Polished Brass

Polished Brass Texecom alarm keypad

Diamond white

Diamond White Texecom alarm keypad

Texecom Veritas alarm keypad options

The Texecom Veritas is Texecom's entry-level wired-only alarm system.  The Veritas comes with 2 keypad design options, with the option for an LED screen option or LCD screen option.  Both have the same external design - based around a simple elegant white box, with lid (hiding the keys of the keypad).

Texecom Veritas keypad design options

Upgrade your Texecom alarm keypad

The Texecom alarm system is very versatile and allows you to upgrade / replace your keypad for a different version if required.  If you want to upgrade your Texecom alarm system or buy a new Texecom alarm you should speak to our team at AMCO Security - as are one of the UK's leading Texecom installers, operating across the whole of the UK.

Get in touch with our team either by phone: 0800 1303999 or email sales@amco999.com