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Welcome to the Ultimate Alarm Project

The Ultimate Alarm Project is a community project for bedroom (and pro) geeks to design the ULTIMATE / best burglar alarm system for home or business.  It doesn’t matter where you are, send in your ideas of how to mod / pimp up the AMCO monitored burglar alarm system and we’ll spend up to £1000 on the best (and craziest) ideas to turn them into reality.

It’s geeks vs burglars – and there’s only gonna be one winner ; – )

N.B. for information on the background to the project, and for photos and links to video downloads visit our project  background page here.

Vuvutech 5000

The VuVutech 5000 is our first Ultimate Burglar Alarm idea to be turned into reality.  The thinking behind this one was “how would we make the most annoying burglar alarm in the world???”  Make an alarm out of VuVuzellas of course!  See photos of the VuVutech 5000 in action on Flickr here!

Wall of Sound

The Wall of Sound was sent in by AlarmBoy and is the world’s first “meme alarm” pumping out over 130db of sonic burglar-beating awesomeness from internet superstars like Antoine Dodson, Best Cry Ever, Jeremy Kyle and Double Rainbow man.  Enjoy!

Christmas alarm!

Following on from our Wall of Sound alarm idea, the team thought it would be fun to create a Christmas version – combining the most annoying Christmas songs together to create the world’s most annoying (and loud) Christmas burglar alarm!

Share your ideas . . .

Add your burglar beating ideas in the comments below, and we’ll turn the best alarm ideas into reality (with the help of up to £1000!)

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  1. To kick things off, how about creating the “Bull Buster” – an alarm which integrates a randy bull – so when the alarm is activated, a horny bull is let out of cage to do its worst with the burglar!

  2. Would have been nice to see a couple of master blasters or inferno soundbarriers,smokecloak & smartwater together is also good.

  3. Play happy birthday really, really loud (while messing with the speed of the song). Add in some weird sounds like babies crying, people laughing etc. Includes party poppers going off etc.
    All that should freak them out sufficiently that they won’t be back in a hurry!

  4. How about creating a WALL OF SOUND and blasting the burglars into kingdom-come!

  5. How about a huge bank of Mentos & Diet Coke rigged to point at and hose down the unsuspecting burglar?

  6. Great project! Used to work for an alarm installer. He had a client in a rural area who came home twice to flashing lights, screaming sirens, and a cleaned out house. Monitoring was not available then. His house was so far out in the country that nobody could hear the sirens. My boss got involved and turned the noise inward. Next time the client came home to flashing lights, the 120 db klaxons were going off inside and the house had not been touched.

  7. If you’re going for “most annoying”, why not have a “teenagers testing their ringtones on public transportation” alarm?

  8. For me possessing a display which includes an IPS panel is vital. I do a great number of photo enhancing and graphic design, so creating accurate colours is vital. Furthermore the viewing angles of IPS panels are a lot better. My brother uses a TN LCD monitor and you can’t even movie your head without the colours shifting. Presumably OLED displays will come without delay. These even make IPS displays seem inferior.

  9. Add the sound of glass breaking, boiling water,truck horn,glass scratching,explosion,high decibel sound..a remote control to stop the alarm

  10. paint splash?
    with the wall of sound make a sound that produce high bass
    disco laser for blinding the burglar
    woman screaming

  11. make analarm system that generates a pain field using 1-4 100 watt ultrasonic inducers with frequency sweep in the range that causes confusion due to messing with the neurons in the brain also this could be used in a car or truck with one pointing outside and the others inside the target would feel like their head was going to explode. estimated cost for a full power unit… about 500 dollers including a simple modified alarm kit and more for a house model.

  12. Here’s a serious suggestion: fit all your alarms with GSM (or GPRS or 3G, for CCTV) connections as standard, so that if a burglar cuts the land line cable, monitoring will still be possible.

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