Wireless alarm system comparison

When comparing wireless alarms there’s a tonne of things to consider - outside of price.  Here’s our view on the top 6 things you should be considering when buying a wireless alarm:

- Reliability

- Shine over reality

- Maintenance / support

- Future proofing

- Smart / app functionality

- Pricing / payment terms

> Reliability

Wireless alarms are by their very nature not as reliable as wired alarms.  In particular you should be aware that control of your alarm via an app is only as good as your wifi / router - which can be variable.  Texecom’s Ricochet wireless technology is the best in class, so is as reliable as wireless alarms can get - but still, they’re never going to be as reliable as wired systems.  AMCO Security also sell wired systems - just speak to our consultants to see what your options are.

> Shine over reality

When choosing a wireless alarm, make sure you’re not won over purely on the ‘shiny kit’ syndrome. There’s a lot of shiny technology and apps (mostly coming out of China), that looks the business but fails to deliver in reality.  Make sure you choose technology with a pedigree, rather than technology that ‘looks good’.

> Maintenance / support

Wireless alarm systems by there very nature require regular maintenance as 90% of the equipment involved is powered by batteries - the only part of the system that is powered by mains power is the central control panel.  As a rule, sensor batteries should last between 1 or 2 years.  AMCO provide on-site support if necessary, or can remotely advise on how to change sensor batteries (if you’re technically confident)

> Future proofing

All good alarm systems should be future-proof.  The great thing about Texecom equipment is that it provides a good base to build on in the future - meaning that you’re not stuck with an out-of-date system in 3+ years time.

> Smart / app functionality

Being able to control your alarm via an app is a popular trend at present.  You need to question what functionality the app actually has over the alarm, and also how reliable the app is, and what happens when the app goes offline (e.g. does it affect the status of the alarm / could it disarm the alarm by accident, leaving your home vulnerable).

> Payment terms

Many companies lock you into lengthy & expensive 3 year contracts - getting you to sign before you know the quality of service & equipment.  AMCO has a less aggressive pricing structure, with a minimum contract of 12 months - giving you reassurance and flexibility (for example, in case you need to move / your financial circumstances change).

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