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High-quality CCTV systems for homes & businesses

  • Bespoke CCTV design for homes & businesses
  • Monitored CCTV upgrade (for maximum security)
  • Premium quality at affordable costs. UK-wide service

Bespoke CCTV system design for your needs

AMCO design CCTV systems to suit your specific security needs, with options including:

  • Picture quality: what level of MP (megapixel) camera quality to choose
  • Technology choice: analogue or IP camera choice
  • Covert or visibile cameras: whether you want cameras on view or hidden
  • Night-vision: level of night vision capability (depending on distance)
  • Remote ‘app’ viewing: ability to view images remotely via a smartphone app

Domestic & Commercial security expertise

We provide CCTV systems to both domestic and commercial customers across the UK. Each customer requirement is different; as a domestic customer you may be more concerned about how discrete your cameras are, or you may be have budgets constraints that makes Wifi Cameras a preferable route; as a commercial customer you may need super high-definition cameras to work across large distances, or you may be a shop who needs a multi-camera system to view all areas of your shop floor.

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Save up to £100

**Autumn Offer** - Save up to £100 off your installation cost.   Click here for more info >> Call now to secure your discount 0800 13 03 999

Quality equipment at low prices

Because of the volumes of CCTV systems we install and maintain, we buy CCTV equipment at scale meaning we can provide our customers with high quality equipment at low prices. As standard, we offer x3 camera options:

  • 2MP analogue: 2MP (mega pixel) 'vandal dome’ from SuperVu is our standard camera choice. This is a very versatile work-horse camera delivering high-quality pictures - suitable for most situations (domestic or commercial)
  • 5MP IP: 5MP (mega pixel) dome camera from Hikvision is our standard choice for IP camera. 5MP provides super high-quality imagery, ideal for viewing large areas.
  • Wifi Security Cameras: the WifiVu is our standard Wifi Security camera of choice; low-cost, high-quality with remote smartphone app viewing
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Alongside camera choices, our CCTV systems come with DVRs (digital video recorders) or NVRs (Networked video recorders, for IP systems) as standard. Read more about our CCTV equipment specifications here >>

Upgrade to Monitored CCTV

For maximum security, upgrade to monitored CCTV giving you 24/7 visual and audio monitoring of your property. CCTV monitoring provides the highest level of security, meaning that when you have an alarm activation our monitoring team are with you within seconds, listening, watching and recording activity - and acting (calling the emergency services if necessary).

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Talk to us!

We realise that there are many different options when it comes to CCTV, so it’s best to speak to our team to help design a system best for your situation. Call 0800 13 03 999 or email

Save up to £100

**Autumn Offer** - Save up to £100 off your installation cost.   Click here for more info >> Call now to secure your discount 0800 13 03 999