Monitored CCTV systems Monitored CCTV systems Monitored CCTV systems Monitored CCTV systems

Monitored CCTV systems for homes & businesses

  • Bespoke monitored CCTV design for homes & businesses
  • CCTV monitoring upgrade (for maximum security)
  • Low monthly monitoring costs. UK-wide service

Monitored CCTV systems & monitoring specialists 

Monitored CCTV when connected to a LiveTalk monitored alarm system provides both ‘eyes and ears’ into a property, giving you the equivalent 24/7 security as having onsite guards, but at a fraction of the cost.  AMCO specialise in monitored CCTV & artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced CCTV systems.  We design bespoke systems with options including:

  • Technology choice: analogue or IP camera choice
  • AI functionality: choose artificial intelligence options
  • Remote ‘app’ viewing: ability to view images remotely via a smartphone app

Domestic & Commercial CCTV monitoring expertise

We provide monitored CCTV systems to both domestic and commercial customers across the UK - designing systems to fit specific needs.  We focus on artificial intelligence-enhanced CCTV technologies as it provides the best and most reliable security.

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Save up to £100

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How monitored CCTV works

One of the key things to understand with CCTV monitoring is that you’re not paying for someone to be watching your cameras 24/7 - which would be impractical and OTT.  Instead monitored CCTV works by automatically sending a signal to a 24/7 monitoring station on ‘activation’ i.e. when unauthorised movement is detected on site.  What this means is that all monitored CCTV systems need to have detectors linked to it.  It also means that there’s a high degree of privacy with monitored CCTV systems, as sites aren’t being monitored live 24/7 - so for example during working hours in an office your staff aren’t being actively watched, instead our monitoring staff are only likely to ever connect into your site out of hours when the alarm is set.Using modern AI (artificial intelligence) technologies it’s possible to combine the motion detection functionality within the camera itself.

What equipment is involved in a monitored CCTV system?

Monitored CCTV systems are based around 4 key pieces of equipment:

- CCTV cameras: choose between dome and bullet CCTV cameras, and image quality (number of megapixels / MP).  Standard quality is between 2 and 5MP for regular systems.   8MP cameras are available if you want 4K quality.

- Detectors: detectors are an important part of a monitored CCTV system, as to enable the remote monitoring team to know when to check the cameras they need a ‘trigger’.  Common detectors include ‘IR beams’ and more modern systems now use AI (artificial intelligence) detection.

- Digital communicator: this is used to message and connect through to the ARC, when detection occurs.

- Monitoring station (ARC) software: this allows the remote monitoring station to remotely view the site, and speak / communicate to check the status of the activity.

N.B. when it comes to CCTV camera picture quality and CCTV monitoring, you need to understand that the monitoring station will receive the ‘sub stream’ meaning that the quality of the images will be highly compressed, and therefore if you’re wanting a monitored CCTV system there is a little point installing super high spec cameras like 8MP cameras.

Quality CCTV equipment - competively priced

AMCO install the best CCTV camera equipment available.  Our R&D team research the latest available technologies, to ensure our customers benefit from innovations.

Standard CCTV cameras we install on a regular basis are as follows:

  • 2MP Analogue / IP: these are our workhorse cameras, with 2MP is generally good enough for most use-cases
  • Movement detection: specialist AI chips enable these cameras to accurately detect human movement, with minimal false-alarms
  • Active deterrent: combine AI chips for accurate detection with an on-board siren and strobe lights to actively deter intruders
  • Wifi Security Cameras: LiveViz is our standard Wifi Security camera of choice; low-cost, high-quality with remote smartphone app viewing
CCTV camera options

Alongside camera choices, our CCTV systems come with DVRs (digital video recorders) or NVRs (Networked video recorders, for IP systems) as standard. Read more about our CCTV equipment specifications here >>


Upgrade to CCTV monitoring

For maximum security, upgrade to monitored CCTV giving you 24/7 visual and audio monitoring of your property. CCTV monitoring provides the highest level of security, meaning that when you have an alarm activation our monitoring team are with you within seconds, listening, watching and recording activity - and acting (calling the emergency services if necessary).

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AI CCTV + monitoring = the best exterior security

Combining artificial intelligence-enhanced CCTV with 24/7 monitoring gives you the best exterior security system on the market.  Using AI ensures high-levels of reliability and accurate detection; 24/7 CCTV monitoring means you've got someone there ready to respond when needed - ideal for exterior protection.  Learn more about how our systems work here . . .


CCTV monitoring costs

Because CCTV monitoring is based on an ‘activation only’ the associated costs aren’t as high as you might expect.  If you’ve already got an alarm installed which can be used to for the detection part then the only costs required are a monthly fee.

Pricing for CCTV monitoring depends on x2 main criteria:

1) Internal or External alarm monitoring (i.e. whether you want to monitor cameras based on an ‘internal alarm activation’ or ‘external activation’).  The reason for the difference in costs is to do with false alarm rates i.e. external systems will have a higher false alarm rate compared to internal systems.

2) Numbers of cameras: camera monitoring is usually charged on a ‘per 4 camera’ basis.  The more cameras the more expensive.

Type of CCTV monitoring Montly CCTV monitoring cost
Internal CCTV monitoring £15 per month per 4 cameras
External CCTV monitoring £25 per month per 4 cameras

Talk to us!

We realise that there are many different options when it comes to CCTV, so it’s best to speak to our team to help design a system best suited to your situation. Call 0800 13 03 999 or email

Save up to £100

**Summer Offer** - Save up to £100 off your installation cost.   Click here for more info >> Call now to secure your discount 0800 13 03 999