AMCO LiveTalk AMCO LiveTalk AMCO LiveTalk AMCO LiveTalk
  • The most advanced alarm monitoring system on the market
  • 2 way audio, listen & talk into the property immediately
  • Alerts emergency services in verified emergency situation
  • GSM back-up for vunerable properties

LiveTalk monitoring from AMCO

AMCO's alarms come with special LiveTalk monitoring integrated as standard.

At the core of LiveTalk is a speaker microphone device which connects directly to our monitoring station - allowing us to immediately listen and speak into your property in an emergency situation, and scare off intruders.

With you 24/7 in case of an emergency

LiveTalk means that our monitoring staff are with you 24/7, and able to immediately verify and react to any emergency situation, including intruders, fire, personal attack and medical.




Personal Attack

Discrete speaker / microphone unit

The LiveTalk speaker / microphone unit allows us to immediately listen and talk into a property.

The speaker / mic is normally located in a central part of the property (e.g. a hall way in the case of a house). For larger properties we can install as many speaker / mics as are required.

It's important to note that we can only listen / talk into your property if the alarm is activated. It's not possible for us to listen into your property otherwise.

LiveTalk Personal Security App (beta)

You can also have LiveTalk with you when you're out of the property - in the form of a Smartphone app, meaning that you have the reassurance of having the LiveTalk security team with you wherever you are 24/7.

N.B. this App service is at present in 'beta' (being tested) but is planned to be launched at the end of 2018 - and is backwards compatible, meaning that you can add the app to your existing LiveTalk system.

  • Ios / Android app compatible
  • Panic button on app immediately connects you to LiveTalk monitoring service, including your geo-location (so emergency services know were you are)
  • 'Safe Mode' providing the option to silently track you in-case you feel vulnerable (e.g. late at night), including geo-tracking so we know where you are

How to make the most of LiveTalk

LiveTalk monitoring is a flexible solution and can be used for a number of different uses, three main use cases being: home security, elderly / disabled care and lone worker.

Home Security

Elderly / disabled care

Lone worker

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LiveTalk tech specs

LiveTalk speaker / microphone

  • Height / Width / Depth: 187mm x 123mm x 43mm
  • Colour: white only
  • Number of speaker / mics on 1 system: unlimited (in blocks of 4)
  • Activity Indicator: red LED

LiveTalk digicom

  • 4 channel (intruder, fire, panic attack, medical) digital communicator
  • Fixed terminal (IP option available soon)
  • Optional GSM back-up
  • Installed in alarm panel (works with most current alarm systems)