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Welcome to 'AMCO Smart', the best smart security system in the UK.

  • App controlled
  • Bespoke design (wired / wireless hybrid)
  • Unique 'LiveTalk' alarm monitoring included

Full app control. Customise security to suit your needs.

AMCO Smart is a smart alarm system controlled via a sophisticated smart phone app. Set / un-set your burglar alarm remotely; check the status of your alarm; set-up rules based on you and your family’s needs and behaviours and routines. For example:

  • User permissions: set special permissions for your cleaner. Know when your cleaner arrives & leaves. Lock people out of specific areas.
  • Remote checking: monitor your home’s security from anywhere around the world
  • Device rules:set-up rules to control additional smart security devices, like setting a remote timer to turn on certain lights in your house at a certain time (e.g. when it gets dark)
  • Connect & control beyond your alarm: control other smart home devices using your app

Bespoke design for your security needs

Select from a range of differently designed keypads to suit the interior design of your home. Choose surface or flush-mounted options, and include proxy tags and smart keys if required. Design finishes include: chrome, polished chrome, brass, black and diamond white.

Wired / wireless or hybrid

Depending on the infrastructure set-up of your property, i.e. the ability to run wires / hide wires / size of property, choose wired / wireless or hybrid equipment options.

The AMCO Smart system uses the Texecom Premier alarm panel as its core, with Ricochet technology integrated. Ricochet is the most advanced form of wireless alarm technology available on the market.

Additionally Premier panels allow both wired and wireless sensors - meaning you have the flexibility of wireless equipment mixed with the reliability and robustness of wired equipment.

Learn how Ricochet wireless technology works in our Ricochet guide here >>

Beyond burglars: fire protection & medical support

Protect your property, family and staff from more than just burglars; protect against fire and medical attack too. Integrate smoke into your system to give you immediate response in fire situations. Never worry again about property fire again, with 24/7 fire / smoke monitoring using LiveTalk monitoring and verification.

Install PABs (panic attack buttons) around your house (fixed or wireless), meaning that if you’re in a medical or attack situation you can press a button and be in contact with our monitoring staff within moments.

Unique ‘LiveTalk’ alarm monitoring integrated

All AMCO security systems come with our unique LiveTalk monitoring as standard.

At the core of LiveTalk is a speaker microphone device which connects directly to our monitoring station - allowing us to speak and listen into your property in an emergency situation, and scare off intruders.

LiveTalk means that our monitoring staff are with you 24/7, and able to immediately react and verify any emergency situation, including intruders, fire, personal attack and medical.

Future-proof using the best equipment

AMCO Smart uses the best-in-class security equipment available from Texecom (the UK’s leading security equipment manufacturer), making sure the core security technologies installed in your property are future-proof and compatible with other equipment to enable you to expand the system in the future.

Texecom are the UK’s leading security equipment manufacturer (owned by FTSE 100 tech co Halma). Using Texecom equipment means that you have full confidence that the alarm you install is powered by the best.

When buying anything (including an alarm!) you should always be cautious as to what equipment you’re buying. Buying Texecom gives you the reassurance that you’ve bought quality.

Learn about the in-depth functionality of the Texecom Smart Alarm app here >>

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