The UK’s best wireless alarm system - with LiveTalk monitoring

Install the best wireless technology & the best alarm monitoring with AMCO’s premium wireless alarm systems.


Best home alarm with the best wireless tech

If you’re looking for a quality wireless alarm system that provides the best security for your property, then choosing AMCO’s wireless systems is a good choice - as AMCO’s wireless home alarms use the best wireless technology (from Texecom) & integrate the best alarm monitoring (LiveTalk) on the market.

Ricochet technology = reliable & trustworthy

AMCO’s wireless alarm systems use Texecom's Ricochet technology - the leading wireless alarm equipment on the market - and integrate LiveTalk monitoring - with two-way audio and emergency response. Texecom is the UK’s leading manufacturer of alarm equipment, owned by FTSE 100 company Halma.

Texecom’s Ricochet wireless technology is the most advanced on the market, designed to maximise reliability. Connectivity reliability is a key issue many cheaper wireless systems suffer from - meaning that although a wireless sensor may look like its working, in reality its not actually connected to the main alarm panel - resulting in system failure when you need it the most.

Learn more about Ricochet wireless alarm technology, and why it's the best on the market.  Read Ricochet guide here >>

Smart home ready

AMCO’s wireless alarms are fully ‘smart home ready’, providing you with the perfect future-proof smart home platform. Our systems include (as an option) the ability to control your alarms via a Smartphone app, so you can remotely set / unset your alarm & create ‘recipes’ (e.g. create a ‘geo-fence recipe’ that sets the rule that if you are 20m from your house and there is no-one detected in the house, then set the alarm - to ensure you never leave the house un-alarmed).

To learn more about AMCO's Smart Home product, read our AMCO Smart guide here >>

Unique ‘LiveTalk’ alarm monitoring integrated

All AMCO security systems come with our unique LiveTalk monitoring as standard. At the core of LiveTalk is a speaker microphone device which connects directly to our monitoring station - allowing us to speak and listen into your property in an emergency situation, and scare off intruders.

LiveTalk means that our monitoring staff are with you 24/7, and able to immediately react and verify any emergency situation, including intruders, fire, personal attack and medical.

How LiveTalk alarm monitoring works when activated

Burglar breaking in

AMCO listens via microphone

Intruder breaks in and activates LiveTalk alarm monitoring allowing AMCO to listen into property immediately.

20 seconds after alarm activation.

Burglar is challenged

AMCO challenges via speaker

Intruder is startled by AMCO staff verbally challenging via a speaker in the property.

5 seconds later.

Burglar leaves empty handed

AMCO alerts emergency services

AMCO alerts police. Intruder runs away quickly (empty handed).

10 seconds later.


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