AI CCTV Equipment options

AMCO sell x2 different grades of CCTV equipment, across both cameras and recorders: standard and specialist.   Both grades are high-quality, the main difference is in that the specialist equipment is designed for specific requirements (e.g. facial recognition) whereas the standard equipment is good for general usage.

We offer different equipment options so you can design the best AI CCTV solution to meet your specific needs.  Watch the following video to help understand how we design our CCTV systems . . .


Standard camera range

Our standard AI CCTV camera range includes x3 different cameras, designed to cover the most common customer requirements:

> Active deterrent: this camera includes an AI-chip as well as on-board siren and flashing lights that activate if an intruder is detected

> Object tracking: this camera includes AI designed specifically to track the movement of objects, so ideal for detecting object theft scenarios

> General camera: this is our generalist camera, with no specific AI functions.  IP = 3MP.  Analogue = 2MP.

CCTV equipment

Specialist camera range

For customers who have a specific need - e.g. facial recognition or long-range thermal detection - we customise solutions including specialised AI CCTV cameras.  Each of these cameras have been designed for a single specific task, with an in-built AI-chip optimised for that single task - meaning it does one thing very well.

Speclalist AI CCTV equipment

AI camera functionality

All our cameras - apart from our 'General' camera include AI chips within the camera, meaning that the camera has the ability to process AI functionality.  Watch the following example of how our Active Deterrent camera works.


Full Colour night vision cameras & smart illumination

Our Active Deterrent camera range include 'full colour night vision' along with 'smart illumination'.  These two features are important for improving the accuracy of AI detection in low-light / night-time conditions.

The 'smart illumination' feature means that you have the option to only have the external illuminator (which is a bright LED light, not too disimilar to a small flood light) on all the time, whilst getting the benefit of 'full colour vision' when any activity is spotted outside your property.

CCTV camera AI full colour feature

Standard recorder (DVR / NVR) 

Our standard AI recorder range are designed for most common customer requirements.  Each recorder has x2 AI channels as standard.  We sell both DVR (analogue) and NVR (IP) options, to cover different circumstances.

Specialist recorder (NVR)

Our specialist recorder range are designed for customers who have need for extensive AI camera integrations, with options for 8 and 16 AI channels.

Combine Specialist & Standard equipment

All our CCTV equipment is interoperable, meaning you can add specialist cameras to standard recorders - and vice-versa - giving you the ability to design a system that best-suited for your requirements.

Smart search and App control

All our systems include ‘Smart Search’ functionality, as well as remote app control.  Smart Search enables you to easily search for 'historic events’, meaning that - for example - if you wanted to find out if someone entered your garden / yard at the weekend, you could easily check the specific events highlighted by the system rather than having to watch 48 hours of footage to spot the unauthorised activity.


Choosing IP or Analogue / NVR or DVR

We sell both IP and analogue CCTV systems to cover a variety of different customer scenarios.  Examples include, if a customer wants to upgrade an existing old analogue CCTV system we can do this by helping them upgrade to an AI analogue system; alternatively if a customer is installing a new system and want to future-proof it, we’d advise installing an IP system.

Analogue vs IP

The following is a comparison between Analogue and IP CCTV systems, to help you weigh-up the advantages / weaknesses of each.

System type

Strengths Weaknesses
Ability to upgrade old analogue systems.  Good value.
Not compatible with AI cameras.  Limited to maximum of 5MP cameras.  Not 100% future-proof.
IP Compatible with all AI cameras.  Latest technology and future-proof.  Flexible AI channels (more than analogue).  Can take up to 8MP cameras. Cost - more expensive than analogue.

Need further advice?

If you need more help in deciding the right CCTV equipment for your scenario, give the AMCO team a call and we'll advise you on the best options.  Call 0800 13 03 999 or email