Guide to burglar alarm batteries: different types & where to buy

What batteries do I have in my alarm system?

In general alarm systems use batteries in 2 different parts of the system if it’s a wired alarm, and 3 different parts if it’s a wireless alarm:

- Alarm panel battery: this is the battery that powers the main alarm system, and is the most important battery in your alarm

- Alarm bell-box battery: if you have a live ‘sounder’ outside your property, this will have a ‘back-up battery’.

- Alarm sensor battery: if you have wireless sensors, each sensor will have a battery which will need changing every 18 to 24 months

N.B. it’s normally the ‘alarm panel battery’ that causes the most problems with burglar alarms, and should be replaced every 4 years - otherwise it can create problems with the rest of the alarm system.  Read below to identify the right battery for your system . . .

What type of battery do I have in my burglar alarm system?

The following is a quick guide to the most common types of back-up batteries used in alarm systems.  N.B. if you have a ‘traditional’ alarm system (i.e. not a new smart alarm) then it’s 99% likely that the battery you need is a 12V battery, and either a 2.1ah, 3.4ah or 7ah (as listed below).  If youre looking to buy an alarm battery, visit our shop here >>

Burglar Alarm system Battery type Cost
Texecom Veritas (V8 and R8) 2.1ah £12.99 BUY >
Texecom Veritas Compact 8 2.1ah
£12.99 BUY >
Texecom Premier 3.4ah £13.99 BUY >
Texecom Premier wireless sensor CR123A £14.99 (x5) BUY >
Honeywell Galaxy 3.4ah £13.99 BUY >
Honeywell Accenta 3.4ah
£13.99 BUY >
Honeywell Optima 2.1ah
£12.99 BUY >
Gardtec / Gtag (816, 800, 500, 400) 3.4ah
£13.99 BUY >
Pyronix Euro 46 / 280 3.4ah
£13.99 BUY >
Scantronic  9651, 9751, 9800 3.4ah
£13.99 BUY >
Scantronic 500r 2.1ah
£12.99 BUY >
Risco Lightsys 3.4ah
£13.99 BUY >
Infinite Prime wireless sensor battery 1/2AA £24.99 (x5) BUY >
Menvier (TS900, TS700, TS2500) 3.4ah
£13.99 BUY >

Wireless alarm sensor battery replacement

The following is a selection of the most common wireless burglar alarm sensor replacement batteries.  Choose & buy!

Wireless alarm type Battery type Cost
Texecom Ricochet wireless battery CR123 A £14.99 (x5) BUY >
Texecom micro shock battery CR2450 £5.50 (x2) BUY >
Texecom micro contact battery
£5.50 (x2) BUY >
Texecom smart key battery CR2 £8.50 (x2) BUY >
Texecom wireless smoke detector battery AAA L £3.99 (x4) BUY >
Texecom wireless keypad battery AA L £8.99 (x4) BUY >
Infinite Prime wireless sensor battery 1/2 AA £24.99 (x5) BUY >
Infinite Prime fob battery CR2032 £3.50 (x2) BUY >
Infinite Prime keypad battery 6LR61 £4.99 (x2) BUY >

How to change burglar alarm battery?

If you’re relatively confident with DIY and electrics, then changing the battery in your burglar alarm system is relatively straight-forward.  The main steps for changing an alarm battery are:

- Identify type of battery used in your alarm

- Buy replacement alarm battery

- Unscrew front of alarm panel (usually at this point the alarm will start sounding, as there’ll be a tamper on the system)

- Remove and replace alarm battery (making sure you don’t short the red/black terminals, and don’t touch the 240V transformer

- Replace the alarm panel lid, and press RESET (or whatever the reset procedure of your specific alarm is)

WARNING: there is 240V inside burglar alarms, and often a hornets nest of wires.  Please make sure you don’t electrocute yourself or knock a wire that may cause a fault on your system.

To get an idea of how to change an alarm battery, watch the following video showing you how to change a battery in a Texecom Veritas alarm (other alarm systems are similar) . . .


Home alarm system battery replacement cost

The typical cost of a replacement burglar alarm battery is between £12 and £30 depending on the type and make of battery. 

The call-out cost of getting a specialist alarm company to visit your property to change your battery (and do a system check at the same time) is an extra £99 to £109 depending on where in the country you live.


What do my alarm batteries do & what can go wrong?

Alarm batteries in the panel act as a vital backup in case there is loss of mains power.  If fully charged and in working order, a panel battery can keep your alarm working for upto 12 hours without mains power.

Batteries in wireless sensors are their only source of power.

If batteries have expired, your alarm system could have reduced performance, or be completely inoperable.

How long does a burglar alarm battery last for?

- Alarm Panel batteries last for 4 to 5 years.

- Alarm Sensor batteries last for 18-24 months, depending on levels of usage / activity. You can buy sensor batteries online here

What burglar alarm batteries look like

Here's a look at what the different batteries in a burglar alarm look like:

Burglar Alarm Battery

Where to buy an alarm battery

Batteries are different depending on the type of alarm system you have.  AMCO run an online shop called SmartSecurity.Store where you can buy various batteries for your alarm systems.

Visit our online shop here at www.SmartSecurity.Store

Book your battery change & maintenance check appointment

To book an appointment to change your alarm battery, and get a maintenance check whilst your at it, please contact the AMCO team via email or via our contact us form here >>

Our alarm battery change service explained 

The following video gives an introduction into what's involved in our burglar alarm battery changing service: