Emergency response panic button guide

You can turn your existing AMCO alarm into an emergency response system, by simply adding an ‘emergency response button’ (or what are also called in the industry ‘Panic Attack Buttons’ or PABs).

Panic buttons can be used in various scenarios, depending on your needs:

- Panic attack: in the case of being attacked, you can press the button to get emergency support

- Medical emergency: if you have a medical issue and need emergency support

- Vulnerable person support:  if you’re vulnerable (e.g. elderly) you can use your button to keep in contact with our monitoring station, knowing someone is always there for your needs

Different types of Emergency button

AMCO provide a number of different emergency response buttons to add to your AMCO monitored alarm. The x3 main different buttons are:

Fixed button

Fixed emergency buttons can be installed at various locations in your property.  Most people install a button near their front door, in case someone tries to force their way into the property; shops install buttons behind the service counter.

panic attack button

Mobile fob

Mobile fobs are ideal for high-risk situations, for example for elderly people or people with medical conditions who want to make sure they’re never out of reach of an emergency button.

Mobile panic button

Wristband (mobile)

Wrist bands are ideal for elderly or infirm people who are may be in danger of falling over or who are generally quite frail.  Wristband emergency buttons mean that the individual are guaranteed to never be without their emergency button.

Wristband panic button

Medical emergency button

Our mobile panic buttons connected to LiveTalk can be used to cover medical emergencies and vulnerable person scenarios.  The following video gives a good example of one of buttons used in practice . . .


Lone-worker attack buttons

Another scenario for using our mobile panic buttons is for 'single-worker' scenarios, where you need a lone-worker alarm to protect staff working alone.  Our system is used by businesses across the UK to protect lone-workers.  Watch the following video to see it in action . . .


Contact us to learn more

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