Experienced Intruder Alarm & CCTV Engineer - North West

 The Alarm Monitoring Company (AMCO) is expanding its operations in the North West of England and are looking for additional high-calibre Alarm & CCTV Engineers (based in the Greater Manchester / North West region) to join our growing team.  AMCO is the UK's leading specialist in monitored alarms, and so we require the best and most dedicated engineers in the market.

AMCO is a family-owned company, established for over 20 years.  Because of this, the working environment at AMCO is caring and trust-based.  We’re always looking to hire the most committed staff, who are interested in a long-term fruitful career.  Everyone at AMCO is hard-working, and we reward hard-work with great rewards and benefits.

intruder alarm engineer job

We give our engineers full operational freedom as dictated by customer needs and provide full support and back up whenever needed. We do not expect our Engineers to have to endure routine call out duties which upset family routines.

In addition to job security and a highly competitive salary we provide a fully-spec’ed vehicle and all the electronic equipment, tools and gizmos required to operate in a 21st century high tech job. Whatever is required to make our Engineer's lives easier, we give them. This means that we are constantly updating and upgrading on our engineer's advice.

AMCO believes in the value of training and up-skilling.  Each new engineer undergoes a 3 week+ training programme at the AMCO Academy.  Field training, accompanying established AMCO engineers will also be provided.

 alarm engineer job


To install either Intruder Alarms and CCTV Systems to the relevant standards and to provide the highest level of customer service and standards, whilst balancing the costs and time schedules.

> Geography: The role will be focused in the North West, and its likely that you will need to travel around the wider North West region.  Living in the North West region is a requirement for the role.

> Experience: Only highly qualified candidates with over two years experience in the UK and impeccable references will be considered.

> Communication skills: Excellent communication skills are a requirement of this role.  Strong spoken and written English is a must.

> Attitude: the best candidates will be dedicated to providing the best customer service, be ambitious, self-motivated and enthusiastic and are comfortable working on their own.  They must also be willing to undertake irregular working hours.

> Skills: 

     - Must possess sound electrical knowledge and have proven background through recognised apprenticeship or hold similar qualification

      - Knowledge of the British Standard BS4737 (Intruder)

      - Must hold a full clean driving licence

      - Ability to lift, carry and climb ladders. To carry equipment, ie; cameras etc up and down ladders ensuring conformance to health and safety requirements

     -  Ability to use power tools to repair and / or dismantle equipment



AMCO aim to provide the best working-environment possible, in salary, training and equipment.

> Salary: we pay strong basic salaries, and operate a quarterly bonus scheme (based on performance)

> Training: we provide in-depth class room-based training (via our AMCO Academy programme) and field-training (accompanying existing engineers)

> Equipment: you will be provided with a new van, and installation equipment

 Additionally, AMCO prides itself on its efficient operations, and are diligent about paying all expenses and work-based costs in a timely fashion.


Application process

To apply for the North West alarm and CCTV installation engineer job, please email your CV along with a covering letter to recruitment@amco999.com