Upgrade / fix / replace old Scantronic alarm

Scantronic is one of the oldest alarm brands in the UK, having started in the late 1970’s.  Over the years, the burglar alarm industry consolidated and Scantronic bought Menvier, and then subsequently in 1994 Cooper Industries bought the company - followed thereafter by Eaton.

Old Scantronic / Menvier / Cooper alarms are generally fairly reliable, however if yours is over 10 years old we’d advise considering upgrading it.

Old wired Scantronic alarms we have experience upgrading include:

- Scantronic 9448, 9427 and 9651 / 9751

- Scantronic 9600 and 9800

Additionally, we have experience upgrading the followng Menvier alarm systems:

- Menvier TS510 

- Menvier TS700

- Menvier TS400

- Menvier TS900

- Menvier TS690

As you’ve got a wired alarm we'd advise in general it’s best to keep the core wiring and even some of the sensors of the alarm (as sensors generally last a long time) and replace with new modern equipment.

How to fix old Scantronic / Menvier alarm equipment

The good news is that although it is close to impossible to find a modern wired replacement Scantronic alarm panel - as they stopped manufacturing wired alarms - it is possible to replace wired sensors on a Scantronic alarm system - as most new wired alarm sensors will be compatible with Scantronic systems.

Need help upgrading your old Scantronic system, speak to one of the AMCO team via phone - 0800 13 03 999 - or email sales@amco999.com


Scantronic replacement alarm sensors

If you needed Scantronic PIR / movement sensors fixing / replacing, AMCO could easily replace these with our standard Texecom PIR sensors.  The same goes for standard door contacts and vibration sensors.

Scantronic  9600 / 9651 / 9448  alarm upgrade

As most Scantronic alarms are no longer manufactured, the best option is to completely replace the alarm panel (the main brain) and also the remote keypads.

As Scantronic alarms are wired alarm systems this is relatively easy to do - as most new wired alarm systems are compatible / easily swapped out.

AMCO would recommend replacing your old Scantronic alarm with the Texecom Premier Elite alarm system.  The Premier is one of the most advanced systems on the market, and has the flexibility of being both wired and wireless and also being modular - meaning that you can easily upgrade in the future - for example adding ‘smartphone app’ functionality.

Scantronic alarm monitoring upgrade

If you don’t want to replace your whole alarm system, one option to upgrade your Scantronic alarm system is to add alarm monitoring to it.  AMCO’s recommendation would be to add LiveTalk alarm monitoring to it - giving you the best alarm monitoring on the market.  Read more about LiveTalk here >>

Scantronic smart alarm upgrade

Scantronic alarms don't include smart alarm functionality, and can't be upgraded to include this - using the existing alarm panel technology - as most Scantronic alarms were manufactured before smartphone technology was around.

One way of upgrading your Scantronic alarm to a smart alarm is to replace the main alarm panel with a Texecom Premier Elite - which has a smartphone option.

Can another company take-over / replace my alarm?

If you’ve got a wired Scantronic panel it’s very easy for a company like AMCO to take over the alarm system - and upgrade the system.

AMCO operate nationwide, so can easily upgrade your system with a replacement Texecom Premier system.  Speak to one of the AMCO team via phone -  - or email sales@amco999.com