AMCO alarm system specifications

AMCO security systems are based around premium security equipment.  The three main alarm system technologies that AMCO install for customers are:

> Texecom Veritas R8+: this is our standard wired alarm system; the Veritas is a truly robust alarm that will last 20+ years with minimal problems.

> Texecom Premier Elite: this is our premium wireless / hybrid alarm system; the Premier is a highly sophisticated wireless alarm based around Texecom’s Ricochet wireless technology (the most reliable wireless technology in the business).  The Premier Elite is a hybrid system, with the option of using all (or some) zones as wired zones - providing great flexibility and expandability for the future.

> Compact: this is standard wireless alarm system, with an app at it's core.  The Compact is the perfect high-security 'every-day' alarm system, ideal for average-sized properties.

> LiveTalk monitoring: this is our unique *immediate audio-response* monitoring system, providing best-in-class emergency response, with audio-verification.

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Texecom Veritas R8 system specifications

The Veritas R8 is the most robust wired alarm system on the market, lasting 20+ years with minimal up-keep and maintenance costs.  The R8 comes with an LED remote keypad as standard, and has 8 zones.

The three main alarm component layers of the R8 are the core alarm panel, keypad and sensors.

Veritas alarm control panel

The Veritas alarm control panel has up to 8 zones, with a maximum of 2 remote keypads.

Veritas R8 control panel


The Veritas comes with LED remote keypads as standard.  There’s the option to upgrade these to LCD keypads if necessary.  N.B. as a rule we’d recommend keeping the LED keypads as they’re easier to use, and less likely to cause a problem.

Veritas alarm keypads


Standard sensors included with a Veritas R8 alarm include:

- PIR (Passive Infrared Detector): this is the standard movement detector.  AMCO install 'pet-friendly' detectors as standard.

- MIR (Microwave Infrared Detector / DualTech): this is a Dual Technology sensor, mostly used in scenarios where there’s rapid changes in temperature or light.  For example, in a conservatory or room with many windows.

- Door contact: door contacts can either be ‘flush-mounted’ or ‘surface-mounted’, and come in white and brown colour options.

- Vibration detector: vibration detectors are useful when you wanted perimeter detection, allowing you to move around the property.  They’re also useful when owners have large pets.

- Smoke detector: all AMCO smoke detectors are installed with ‘monitoring’ as standard - acting as an effective rapid response fire system.

- PAB (Panic Attack Button): adding panic buttons to your system mean you have 24/7 emergency response.  Wired and wireless PAB buttons are available.

Texecom sensor equipment

Veritas programming

Although the Veritas alarm is relatively simple, it does come with a good level of programming options - to make sure the system fits your specific needs.  Read our Veritas programming guide for more detail.  Read guide here >>

Premier Hybrid system specifications

The Premier Elite's a highly sophisticated and scaleable alarm system, provide the perfect back-bone to your security system.  The Premier is a hybrid system - both wired and wireless, giving you the ultimate flexibility; the robustness of wired sensors along with the agility and ease of wireless sensors.  Read a review of the Texecom Premier here >>

The wireless version of the Premier Elite uses Texecom’s Ricochet wireless technology - the most reliable and robust wireless technology on the market.  Learn more about Ricochet here >>


Premier alarm control panel

The Premier Elite comes with 32 wireless zones as standard, along with 4 wired zones, and has the ability to expand zones (both wired and wireless) with expander units - giving you up to 64 wireless zones and 12 wired zones in total.

Premier Elite alarm control panel


The Premier Elite comes with an LCD keypad as standard.  This can be wired or wireless.  There is also the option to have ‘flush-mounted’ keypads, which come in various finishes, including: diamond black, brass, satin chrome and pearl white.  View the full Texecom Keypad range here >>

Premier Elite keypad


The Premier Elite can work with both wired and wireless sensors.  The wired sensors are similar to the Veritas sensors (see above).  Additional specific wireless sensors are shown below, and include:

- PIR / MIR: wireless versions of both PIRs and MIRs are available, both use Ricochet technology.

- Micro contact: these are discrete / small wireless contacts.  Available in white, brown and dark grey.

- Proxy Tag: near-field tags which allow you to turn on and off your alarm with a simple swipe.  Proxy tags come in boxes of 5.

Premier Elite sensor options

Additional features

In addition to the core sensors above, the Premier Elite also comes with additional features giving you the ability to turn your alarm into a ‘smart alarm system’ and also allowing you to expand your system further (adding both wired and wireless sensors).

- Smart key: a compact all-in-one-device that lets you set and unset your alarm, and also acts as a panic button.

- SmartCom: a plug-in that turns your alarm into ‘smart alarm’ allowing you to control it via a smartphone device.

- Smart plug: smart plugs allow you to connect additional devices (e.g. lights) to your alarm system, creating an integrated smart home system.

- Wireless expander: wireless expanders (using Ricochet technology) allow you to add additional wireless sensors to your system, giving you the flexibility to easily expand your alarm system in the future.

Premier elite wireless accessories

Connect Smart Alarm App

The Connect App, is the Premier alarm's Smart Alarm app, giving users the ability to control their alarm remotely from their Smartphone.  Read more about the Connect App in our guide here >>

Premier programming

Due to the sophistication of the Texecom Premier alarm, there's a range of programming options.  Read our Premier programming guide for more detail.  Read guide here >>

Compact wireless alarm

The Compact is AMCO's standard wireless alarm system, providing high security for everyday use - with LiveTalk 24/7 monitoring integrated.  Designed to be controlled by a Smartphone app, the Compact mixes high-tech with high-security.


Compact App, fob & keypad

The Compact system comes with x3 different ways to set / unset the system: via a Smartphone app, a fob or remote keypad (optional extra).  N.B. the remote fob also acts as a 'panic button'.

Compact alarm system

Alarm Sensor options

The Compact comes with x2 different sensors as standard: PIR motion detectors (which are Pet Friendly) and door contacts.

Compact alarm sensors

Full App control

The main control platform for the alarm is the Compact's app - which allows you to set / unset & part set the system, as well as view activation history.  If you opt for LiveViz cameras, you can also remotely view your property via the same app (N.B. this is an optional extra).

AMCO compact alarm app

LiveTalk monitoring specifications

LiveTalk is AMCO’s unique alarm monitoring product, giving you ‘immediate audio response’ when your alarm is activated.  The LiveTalk system is based around x2 pieces of equipment, a ‘speaker microphone device’ and a ‘digicom’.  You can read more about LiveTalk here >>

LiveTalk Speaker Microphone

- Height / Width / Depth: 187mm x 123mm x 43mm

- Colour: white (only)

- Number of speaker mics on 1 system: unlimited (in blocks of 4)

- Activity indicator: red LED

- Location: normally located in the centre of the house (e.g. the hallway)

LiveTalk speaker microphone

LiveTalk Digicom

- 4 channel (intruder, fire, panic attack, medical) digital communicator

- Fixed terminal (IP option available soon)

- Optional GSM back-up

- Location: Installed out of sight in alarm panel (compatible with most current alarm systems)

LiveTalk Digicom


If you've got any further questions about AMCO's standard security equipment, drop our team a line: 0800 13 03 999 or email